Trump ....The Punishment Phase Has Just Begun

I cannot convey these points more clearly or concisely so I'll post it and maybe it will still be here a year from now and the weight of it can be better determined after the punishment phase commences in earnest.

11/19/2016 6:29 PM EST

" .several of Obama's policies not only alienated the white middle class males (and their wives who follow their vote still in 2016)," 
It is statements like this that show just how little people like you know what has really going on this Country or world for the last 16 years.  
It was the "white middle class" that voted in Bush 2 after it took 8 long years to get us out of 12 years of debt the republicans created before President Clinton. 
It was the "white middle class" that believed the lies of the republican party and put them back in control of the House which would not allow any bills like President Obama's "American Jobs Act" to be passed. Then they blamed President Obama for their own Party not working for them. The same party they told to obstruct anything President Obama did to fix the mess the republicans created under Bush 2. 
Now they have put the same republican party that off shored their jobs, created two wars and put the World into a deep recession back in total control with a corrupt liar at the helm.  
Yes, this is going to work out just fine. The republican party is going to help the "white middle class worker" and if you believe that I have some land in the Sahara Desert to sell you at a cheap price. 
In less than a year we will be in a deep depression, that will last for many years to come. 
House and Senate republicans will blame it on President Obama and anything or anyone else they can to include the black, brown, yellow and red people, yet again. 
Keep in mind republicans have never been able to got us out of the messes and wars they create.  
The sad thing is the "white middle class" will believe them yet again, they just want their Country back. 
It is a nasty circle the "white middle class" keep putting the rest of us in with their hate, bigotry and paranoia of things and people that are different from them. 
All the while the republican party elite keeps filling it's pockets at our expense. 
Time to payback Rogers for all his help